Here are the Bylaws from the original VMICC as of 2012, when last modified by VMICC. For current bylaws, to go 

Vashon-Maury Island Community Council Bylaws

Adopted December 18, 2012

Article I – Name, Structure, Purpose, and Mission

Section 1: The name of this community organization is Vashon-Maury Island Community Council. It operates under legal designation as a nonprofit corporation.

Section 2: VMICC is neither a legislative nor executive body. It functions as a collaborative group to advocate and influence on behalf of the community.

Section 3: The purpose of VMICC is:

  • To inform and engage with the community about current events and issues facing the Island, with an emphasis on Island-wide issues and those related to government and governance;
  • To contribute to resilience / capacity to meet change and the continuity of quality of life in our community;
  • To empower Vashon residents with a voice in self-determination;
  • To strengthen community connections and our sense of belonging and interdependence.

Section 4: The mission of VMICC is to accomplish its purpose by:

  • Providing a civil and collaborative civic venue for Vashon residents to participate in exchange of information/ideas/perspectives and have a voice in decision-making about important community issues;
  • Cultivating influence with various people active in relevant government entities through productive relationship and personal connection, and using that connection to facilitate communication in both directions;
  • Cultivating respectful, collaborative partnership among Island organizations, civic leaders and interested citizens;
  • Promoting stewardship of our Island’s natural resources, remembering the components and beings of our community that have no voice;
  • Utilizing feedback mechanisms and processes to assure flexibility to adapt to new circumstances.

Article II – Membership

Section1: Membership in the VMICC is voluntary, comprised of two (2) categories: General Members and Council Members.

Section 2: All residents of Vashon-Maury Island at least sixteen (16) years of age are eligible to become General Members of VMICC. To become a General Member, an eligible resident may attend a VMICC meeting and submit on the sign-in sheet an electronic address; or send such an address to the secretary of VMICC; or submit, along with an election ballot (during elections only) an electronic mail address. All submissions are deemed to imply an assertion of qualifying residence and age, and it is the responsibility of each General Member to keep electronic addresses current. New General Members will be added to notification lists within one (1) month of receipt of required information.

General Members have the right to elect Council Members, and other rights as listed in these bylaws.

General Members have the right to raise concerns and through open, civil discussion seek to modify, shift and influence official advocacy positions agreed upon by Council Members. If collaborative exchange does not lead to general satisfaction, a request by five (5) General Members to reintroduce discussion requires a facilitated discussion of the issue(s) at the next General Meeting of VMICC. If too many issues are raised to be handled at the next meeting, Council Members may schedule some of the issues for subsequent meetings. If a facilitated discussion does not result in consensus resolution, a majority (more than 50%) vote of those present requires articulation of an alternative perspective to be included with the Council position whenever it is officially conveyed forward. This addendum must be acceptable to a majority (more than 50%) of those present.

Any General Member may petition the recall of a Council Member. Such a petition is to be delivered, in person and in writing, with a minimum of ten (10) co-signing General Members’ signatures, at a General Meeting, to be voted on at the next general meeting by written ballot. Only General Members may vote in a recall. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of General Members present, with a minimum of thirty (30) votes in favor of recall, is required to remove the Council Member. Upon successful recall, a special election will be held to fill the vacancy. The elected replacement serves the remaining term of the Council Member recalled.

Section 3: Eight (8) General Members serve as Council Members, forming the governing body of VMICC. Council Members serve as the legally required board of directors of VMICC and select the legally required officers of VMICC from their membership. Council Members retain full rights as

General Members.

General Members elect Council Members, four (4) in even years and four (4) in odd years, elections held in the last quarter of the year, to take office January 1. Elections shall be on the basis of one person, one vote, with no vote for any candidate counting for more than a vote for any other candidate. Council Members run and serve in a non-partisan capacity. Council Member positions are numbered one (1) through eight (8), with odd numbers elected in odd years and even numbers elected in even years, except as required under these bylaws for vacancies.

Council Members who wish to resign their duties may do so in writing and delivered in person to a Council Meeting, effective immediately at any meeting. This right supersedes all other responsibilities to serve listed in these bylaws.

Council Members are subject to removal by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the other Council Members.

Vacancies resulting from resignation or removal will be filled by appointment by the remaining Council Members. Replacement Council Members serve until the next election, at which time such positions are open for election, even when in an interim year. This does not apply to Council Members recalled in accordance with section 2 of this article.

Council Members will meet at least monthly in open, scheduled General Meetings, and at other times as desired. General Meetings will focus on public participation, information sharing and input to pending decisions.

Primary duties of Council Members are to:

  • Set agendas for General Meetings;
  • Serve as interface between the community and government entities;
  • Serve as collaborative and empowering interface with other civic organizations;
  • Provide outreach and information to the community;
  • Direct and monitor the activities of VMICC;
  • Serve as the legally required officers and directors of VMICC;
  • Fulfill duties, obligations, and rights not otherwise specified in these bylaws.

Council Members, in their function as interface between the community and other government entities, represent the will and benefit of the community. Members are expected to maintain high ethical standards in conducting Council affairs, including:

  • Consider the interests of the community as a whole in determining action on any matter before the Council.
  • Avoid conflict of interest, or the appearance of conflict of interest, by abstaining from official action in Council matters in which they have a direct material interest.

Section 4: The Vashon-Maury Island Community Council will not discriminate against individuals/groups on the basis of race, religion, color, gender, sexual orientation, disability, national origin, income, or political affiliation.

Article III – Meetings and Participation

Section 1: All residents of Vashon-Maury Island and interested visitors are welcome to participate in VMICC General Meetings and functions. Participation is purely voluntary and does not require General Membership. Participants may take part in polls, discussions and other such participatory activities except those reserved to Council or General Members.

Section 2: General Meetings will be held at least monthly, open to the public with time and place designated and publicized. General Meetings will include a period of general public comment of at least twenty (20) minutes, unless waived or reduced by two-thirds (2/3) of those present or unless no further participants wish to speak.

Section 3: The January General Meeting is designated as the annual meeting.

Section 4: The quorum required for meetings is a majority of active Council Members with a minimum quorum of four (4). In the event that there are too few active Council Members to form a quorum, Council Members may hold a special meeting to appoint new Council Members.

Section 5: Discussions, presentations, polls or votes, petitions, and other forms of information and opinion gathering, both within and outside of Meetings, may be used to guide the policy, advocacy and activities of VMICC and promote inclusion, civility, collaboration and shared leadership.

Section 6: The chair, or a person designated by the chair, conducts the Meeting (or a portion of the Meeting), leads and facilitates gathering input and making decisions, and makes any necessary rulings regarding participation in the Meetings. Council Members may overrule a decision of the chair falling within this section by a two-thirds majority of Council Members present, excluding the chair. Each year, the Council (made up of newly elected and second year Council Members) shall establish, amend, or remove specific written expectations and rules for conduct of its Meetings, policies, and procedures as it sees fit.

Article IV — Nominations

Section 1: A nominating committee of at least three (3) General Members will be named by Council Members by or at the August General Meeting. The nominating committee identifies General Members, other than themselves, willing to run for Council Member positions in the fall elections.

Article V – Amendments

Section 1: Any proposed amendment to these bylaws requires sponsorship by five (5) or more General Members. Bylaw amendment proposals must be presented in writing at a General Meeting.

Section 2: A committee of at least three (3) General and/or Council Members will be named by Council Members to study the proposed bylaw amendment and present a report addressing the impact of the change, outlining arguments in favor and opposed (if any), and including the recommendation of the committee. The report or reports will be submitted to the Council at the next regularly scheduled General Meeting.

Section 3: A vote on the proposed bylaw amendment will occur at the General Meeting following the committee report (two (2) months after the submission of the proposed bylaw amendment).

Section 4: Passage of the proposed bylaw amendment requires a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the General Members present at the General Meeting at which the vote is taken, or a majority of General Members and a two-thirds (2/3) majority of Council Members present.